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Louise Of Zero Fairy (FairyTail) By zerofairy Completed

It's been long guys! I know that all of you have waited for the next updates of my two books "The Melody Within" and "A Change In Time". I ask you guys to either remake the stories or continue it! The votes are all yours! But I am glad that you guys still waited for the update, but as for now I am releasing this new book later on or maybe tomorrow. This is all thanks!

If you want to give me some ideas or request you can just messaged me at my facebook account, Louise Valliere Hiraga, I will be happy to have new ideas and let you guys be apart of it!

With lots and lots of love!!!!

Louise-chan desu~~~~!!! 

LexiVermillion LexiVermillion Jun 26, 2017
Stinglu? Or Rolu? Or Nalu?? I need Lucy shipped to at least  one of these guys!!