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Nikki By blade_of_the_shadows Updated Sep 07

A story of rejection unlike ever before...

Ten years passed since Robin left his pack to become rogue. He had finally found his place, and he was quite comfortable living his life as he was. And yet, he once again stood at the doorstep of his old pack, though he no longer stood alone. Old wounds reopen but Robin isn't the same wolf everyone remembered. 

He was better. Stronger. And he wasn't taking anyone's shit anymore.

  • action
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  • blood
  • bxb
  • fighting
  • mpreg
  • mxm
  • rejection
  • rogue
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  • romance
  • stronglanguage
  • violence
  • werewolves
  • wolves
  • yaoi
alxgrnr alxgrnr Jun 19
Damn..I would've just stopped with the cologne and the freaking suit..
                              ..boy you better put your name somewhere in that damn gift to let him its from you and not that twat😐
SugarCancer SugarCancer Oct 13
Seriously? I would rather make him a personal handmade birthday pop up card which once opened, the pretty middle finger pops out and bold FÛCK YOU letters
009000909q 009000909q Oct 10
boi i would have been happy with a mcdonalds snack..its not the gift,but the thought that counts
Ok that was a cute but tragic way to tell a small child his parents are gone
dizziebloop dizziebloop May 31
Omg! That's a bit overboard. He's the beta not the alpha apparent's lover.
murrutia208 murrutia208 Jul 03
I love your story by far 😘😍🙆🙋🙇😎😌🌹💃