Unexpected Love ~ Nalu DISCONTINUED

Unexpected Love ~ Nalu DISCONTINUED

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SxcretGarden By SxcretGarden Updated Dec 09, 2016

*DISCONTINUED* Lucy Heartfilia, 17 year old junior at Fairy Tail High, spends most of her time alone or with her one friend Levy Mcgarden. Her less than loving father is hardly home and when he is, he's drunk and blames her for her mother's death that happened when she was 7, 10 years ago in a bad car accident. Lucy grew up with the guilt of her mom's death following her wherever she went, like a never ending nightmare. But when she suddenly meets Natsu Dragneel the king of high school, and basketball prodigy he helps her wake up from her nightmare and into a dream, a "fairy tail". The thing is every story has an end, and it's up to the characters whether or not it's happy.


Disclaimer! Fairy tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, and most of the characters in this book belong to him as well!
I hope you enjoy my first Fan-fiction!

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- - Mar 20, 2016
Great first chapter! I honestly used to hate AUs for some reason but this is SO GOOD I can't help liking it:) looking forward to reading more:)
palmyra26 palmyra26 Aug 19, 2016
- - Jul 13, 2016
wow, she remembered all their names. If it was me, I would be like: Red Head, Stalker, Goth, Stripper and Salmon Head...
CrazyFireDragon CrazyFireDragon Apr 16, 2016
*hugs random stranger and crys* Lushhheeeeeeeeeeeee be okay DX
Melody_Yui_Dragneel Melody_Yui_Dragneel Jul 21, 2016
😂😂😂😂 You can't get Mira out even in your dream!!😂😂😂😂😂 BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
- - Jul 13, 2016
What a greeting. Every time my brother comes home form school he says hi and i yell "You're adopted!" While running away...