Sh, Don't Tell Him He's In Love With A Genius

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Flora Fauna By CookiesIX Updated a day ago
Ocyne Liyla is one of the world's favourite authors. Her life is a secret, unknown to even her most enthusiastic fans. Why is this? Because Ocyne Liyla, named top ten  authors in literature, is 15 years old. Attending a school for the intellectually gifted, Ocyne is the second smartest person in the world. 
    Living in McCeath's School is too good to be true, but then she's orphaned,  forced to leave the school and adapt a new alias so the world won't find out her truth. 
    That is until she meets Anton, who can read her like an open book. But even he may not be able to save her from her secrets.
I'm about to reread this and I'm so happy because I've looked everywhere for this because I forgot the name <3
i read this when i was starting 8th grade, but forgot to add it to my reading list and only now found it 4 years later!!
Please write more!! I was gutted when you stopped this book before. Please don't delet it! It's actually my favorite book on wattpad! No joke!
Ive always loved this story my heart breaks each time it geta deleted,, pls carry on writing this.
love this story :D you should never feel underconfident about your story, it's AWESOME!!!!!
:DDDDDD I read this story with you before! :D I really like it and I can't wait to read more of it :D