More Then This ~Septiplier~

More Then This ~Septiplier~

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Logan ;} By TheProAtFanBoying Updated Jun 11, 2017

So here is the sequel! Here is the summary for it. 

A sequel to Clovers. 

 After Jack broke Marks heart, Mark disappeared from social media and all of his friends. He did find a new friend and her name was Ruby. Mark wanted to show his little friend Jack how it felt to be led on and then shut down completely, so he came up with a plan that Ruby agreed to, she would bump into him at the next event he went to and over time she would become good friends with him, then she would lead him on and the watch as his pathetic heart shatters like glass. But what if the plan goes wrong? What if someone spills the truth that should have been kept a secret? Why am I asking you all these questions you don't know the answer to? Find out in "More Then This"! A Jackiplier story!

Warning this story contains: depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, insanity and strong language. If you are sensitive to these topics or you are homophobic then I suggest you leave. Read at your own cost. 

Ok so the first ch...

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I know I can’t be bitching about grammar but they’re bugging me. The title has the wrong then; it’s supposed to be than.
XfriedpotatoX XfriedpotatoX Aug 02, 2017
Dreambiglove101 Dreambiglove101 Feb 27, 2017
Homophobic people make me sick!Like I was with my soulmate and I kissed them and this old lady looked at us in disgust as she kissed her husband I returned the favor and looked at her in disgust as she got up and walked like a bïtch she was away!
Rubesteak Rubesteak Sep 17, 2016
I'm Marks new friend? And I agreed to break Jacks heart? Jesus I'm an aśšhøle...
Panpan-fics Panpan-fics Mar 18, 2016
why is this so sad lol my friend asked me to read it so i gave it a try and wow
septic4life septic4life Aug 24, 2016
                              *whisper  to make me read your book? Maybe... Shhhh......*