The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

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"So tell me, what's worse? Being predetermined to become a monster or choosing to become a monster?" His onyx eyes pierced mine, wicked wisdom showing in the pools of darkness. I closed my eyes, not being able to bear the blaringly, obvious truth. I turned my head to the side, wishing for nothing more than for him to let go of me, to step back and let me breathe, let me wallow in my denial.

But, he wasn't the type to show mercy.

Heat radiated off of his body, as I sensed him lean closer to whisper mockingly in my ear.

"That's what I thought."
Arie Finnigan, since she was a little girl, has had the unique ability to read people. Her ability is so extremely accurate that people actually believe she can read minds. At the age of eighteen, just starting college, she is enlisted by the FBI to help solve crimes. Arie's reputation skyrockets as word spreads of her ability to solve horrific and impossible crimes.

However, this all changes when a group of mental patients break out of an asylum and go on a rampage, killing 55 people in cold blood. A widespread paranoia infects the United States, as government officials try to maintain peace. In order to calm the fear inflicting its citizens, the government, in accordance with the FBI, decides to send away anyone who has a mental illness to the nearest mental hospital.

But, it's not just the mentally ill being sent away across the country. Anyone, who has the ability to think like or understand these clinically insane people, is taken as well.

Including, Arie.

Arie is soon thrust into a world where light and darkness mix and right and wrong have no meaning. Her internal struggle over the question of her sanity is only heightened when her roommate decides to make it his mission to prove her to be just as crazy as everyone else there.

So what happens when you discover the darkness within?

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