From Dusk...To Dawn - Sequel to 'Into the Sweet Darkness'

From Dusk...To Dawn - Sequel to 'Into the Sweet Darkness'

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Sequel to "Into the Sweet Darkness - Aizen Sousuke Love Story"


This sequel is based on the Bleach Manga after the Anime has ended. Those who haven't read the Manga have been warned!!!

It somewhat follows the plot so I don't want to ruin the suspense of anyone who hasn't read the Manga! Read at your own risk! XD


Two years have passed. Two years and no Aizen Sousuke. 
Many things have changed in these twenty four months. People have changed, people have grown, people have achieved. Many things have changes in the absolutely normal lives of the people in Karakura town. Ichigo is back to being the most depended on shinigami substitute and Sana is flourishing in business. 

But unfortunately for our friends, the word 'trouble' doesn't seem to leave them alone. Strange yet powerful reiatsus; miscreants in Hueco Mundo are back in their attempt to destroy Soul Society.

Who are these people? What plans do they have with Aizen Sousuke and Takamura Sana?


Bleach and all its franchise (C) Tite Kubo
OC and creative plot (C) Midnight_Lilac

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