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One Direction Age Play/ Kid Fics

One Direction Age Play/ Kid Fics

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Aria By larryxcuddles Completed

Ok, so I hope you like my story's! This is my first one that I've done, so please no rude comments! I'm sorry if it seems like I stole this idea from someone else, but I assure you that I didn't! I've honestly never even seen a prompt or story like this. I just thought the idea would be so cute and adorable! Also, I decided to make Harry "fetus" in most (if not all) of my story's. Fetus Harry, to me, is so cute! I still love him now, I just felt that with the whole baby-ing thing and other stuff like that, that he should look younger while all the other lads had a very protective sense over a 16-17 year old while they're all 21-23 years old. Thank you for reading! And again, enjoy my story's! Bye!

Liam awoke to the sound of sobs. He was confused at first, after looking at his clock and realizing it was 2 am. He sat up, and realized they were coming from Harry's room. He felt he needed to check up on the younger lad, since he was the youngest and quite sensitive. Liam also knew that H...

larryxcuddles larryxcuddles Feb 15, 2016
@Username767 thanks, love !! And sorry your comment got reported !