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infiniteameezy By infiniteameezy Completed

[ COMPLETED ]  Trinity has been dating a guy over the Internet, Jay , for almost 3 years. She's tried to meet up with him, or even video chat with him, but he's always had these different excuses. Trinity doesn't want to admit it to herself that Jay may not be real. She asks Nev and Max from the reality TV show, Catfish, to help her clear everything up, once and for all. They all meet up and go on an adventure to find "Jay". 

©All Rights Reserved- infiniteameezy

(Justin is not famous in this story.)

SuicidalKat SuicidalKat Feb 05
Yo..I just realized that this was only one chapter....dam.n I commented so dam.n much!!!!!
SuicidalKat SuicidalKat Feb 05
When you live 30 minutes from Atlanta so you get fat at ccf and end up being on my 10000000lb life
BaconHo BaconHo Dec 23, 2016
How does she get her teeth so white? Like she'd pass the tissue test, damn.
DeeLeeAnna DeeLeeAnna Jan 31
I would fly to Cali. But what part of California,long beach or Bakersfield.
SuicidalKat SuicidalKat Feb 05
Nvm about my last comment....don't drop kick his as_s....drop kick your own...who tf forgives someone that easily no wonder this book is called catfish....hugging kmmsssss
SuicidalKat SuicidalKat Feb 05
Drop kick his ass.....he left your real life on read when he left you at ccf...purge him...make him suffer!!!