The Biker's Daughter

The Biker's Daughter

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[Book 3 and sequel to A Rider's Vengeance]

Harley Amber Noah is the daughter of Motorcycle Club President, Austin, and his Old lady, Sonja. 

Harley likes the lifestyle but it means having more enemies than friends and all she yearns for is a normal life. 

In her last year of high school and prom night coming up fast Harley needs to find a date to show that she's just like everyone else. 

But who would be attracted to a girl who comes with an entire motorcycle club for a family?

No one. 

Or so Harley thinks until she bumps into Wyatt Matthews.

* * * 

When his father's motorcycle club decides to patch over the Lone Wolves' in Belmont, California, Wyatt is forced to move to this boring small town. 

But Wyatt has been known to make the best of a bad situation and this comes in the form of Harley Noah.

Not like the other girls, Wyatt starts to feel himself falling in love for this dark haired beauty. 

So, what happens when he discovers that Harley is none other than the daughter of the President of The Devil's Riders', his fathers enemy? 

With a love doomed like Romeo and Juliet's, can these star-crossed lovers beat their earlier counterparts?

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Diamarine Diamarine Feb 08, 2016
Harley Davidson?? 😆😀😄😃 
                              Is that why her name is Harley?
PyschoPrincessMissy PyschoPrincessMissy Sep 29, 2016
My parents said the exact same thing to me when I got suspended
Hannah_Lynn09 Hannah_Lynn09 Feb 15, 2017
My step dad is in a motor cycle club, so now my life is like evolved around motorcycles.... I love it!
hihye99 hihye99 May 27, 2015
I hate when they do that in films with dogs or cats it's like dude he doesn't understand
mhizzashashboo mhizzashashboo Jan 27, 2015
the family that ever1 wants.......cause I would fight everyday
YouAreYourself_xo YouAreYourself_xo Nov 16, 2014
AMAZING that she is like that bit it's not really that unpredictable with the family history... I would love to have a family like this even though unless would b on complete danger all the time it would b fun, exhilarating and just plain awesome on the end