Seductive Arousing

Seductive Arousing

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Green eyes By _greeneyes3_ Updated Oct 25, 2015


What am I to you?" I asked softly. 
There was a long moment of silent pause before he responded harshly, 

Adrianna is a 23 year old girl in search of her prince in shinning armour. After storming out from a regular family feud occurrence into Caisley Park, she's kidnapped by two tormented and twisted young men. Of which both happen to have good looks. Little did she know she's founded into the mafia life of brutality, sexual content, pleasures,  and painful feuding like she's never seen before. 
In search for her intriguing kidnapper 27 year old Spanish Jace with a spark of comPASSION, Adrianna faces not only the wrath of enemies but unanswered questions in her search for her dashing Jace, after he has dumped her back home one morning. Confused and hurt will Adrianna find love with Jace, or with another man? And will the play boy hottie every stop messing around with both women and their feelings or settle down with a young lady he truly cares about? 
Find out in the sexually gratifying, lustful, and horrific cliff hanging novel, 


soulmate4u soulmate4u Jun 12
tension building-unsure whether it is gonna be sweet, sadistic or .....oure bliss.....
ButterflyKiss91 ButterflyKiss91 Sep 20, 2015
My dear heroine
                              Ur face was hit badly...and it's night 
                              You are bring hauled and kidnapped! Who the hell looks at the man who is hurting you and thinks hey this dude us good looking and wears so and so colors...
Elda036 Elda036 Aug 10, 2015
oh come on adrianna it's the number one rule not to leave your house without keys or cellphone.....I think it's very good so far please keep up the great work :)