Nya: Ice Dragon Slayer (Book 1)

Nya: Ice Dragon Slayer (Book 1)

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Nya is a ice dragon slayer who has been alone most of her life. Though that changes when she runs in Natsu and sort of gets kidnapped. Dark memories begin to resurface, but Fairy Tail won't let her go that fast. What is Nya's history and what is she hiding? Find out in this Fairy Tail fan fiction that might include some surprising things you wouldn't have ever expected.

I don't own Fairy Tail. I only own the characters I make up.

Cover by Detective_Neru.

Lol... if this was actually in the anime Natsu would probably be like: No! I asked what your name is! Not make a cat sound!
LolaAdams LolaAdams Jul 16, 2016
Way better than what I could do. The only drawings I do that don't look like crap are abstract
Um well it's. ...
                              BETTER THAN I CAN DO WHY U BE SO GOOD!!
Natsuko2016firewolf Natsuko2016firewolf Oct 15, 2016
you guys need to shut up to the people who say they draw better but I like it I like how it looks like my oc
- - Jan 02
No they are not. You will get used to them. I would feel like that if I were you.😊😊
cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Oct 13, 2016
😂 it's like the charters voice of Aaron is always the jerk 😂 Aphmau fans where you at