Always Had A Thing For Bad Boys [A Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Always Had A Thing For Bad Boys [A Draco Malfoy Love Story]

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I breathed in that cold September air.  Cold air burned my lungs.  Leaves fluttered through the wind before they softly landed on the ground.  I was grateful Mom bought me a new scarf and mittens.  My hands would have been frozen.  It had been a week since I received my letter.  My parents were thrilled when they found out I was a wizard. I was something called a Pureblood.  All that means is both my parents are wizards. 

I was going to Hogwarts tomorrow.  I hadn't even begun packing.  I was so nervous!  If the rumors were true then Harry Potter would be attending!  The Harry Potter.  The boy who lived.  People say he lives with muggles.  Not only that but the mugglest of muggles.  I feel bad for him.  He's famous all because his parents died.  Well not only that, he survived Voldermort! Which is not that easy let me tell you.  Imagine, to be schooled by nothing more than an infant.  After years and years of killing people, he can't kill one simple baby.

 I felt like I was going ...

    sinus8 sinus8 Sep 20
    .............. Ok that's kinda scary. You got my first and middle name
    Vanilla extract in cookies: Good
                                  Vanilla extracts on own:bad
                                  💚💚SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!!!💚💚
                                  💚💚WHOSE WITH ME!?💚💚
    Roses are red
                                  Thorns are prickly
                                  Let me just say 
                                  This escalated quickly
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    Reader: What if I get killed???!!
                                  Hermione: Or worse expelled!
                                  *shoves her into a wall and tapes her to it then runs* THOSE BORWNIES ARE MINE BEAHCH!!!!!!!