Always Had A Thing For Bad Boys [A Draco Malfoy Love Story]

Always Had A Thing For Bad Boys [A Draco Malfoy Love Story]

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I breathed in that cold September air.  Cold air burned my lungs.  Leaves fluttered through the wind before they softly landed on the ground.  I was grateful Mom bought me a new scarf and mittens.  My hands would have been frozen.  It had been a week since I received my letter.  My parents were thrilled when they found out I was a wizard. I was something called a Pureblood.  All that means is both my parents are wizards. 

I was going to Hogwarts tomorrow.  I hadn't even begun packing.  I was so nervous!  If the rumors were true then Harry Potter would be attending!  The Harry Potter.  The boy who lived.  People say he lives with muggles.  Not only that but the mugglest of muggles.  I feel bad for him.  He's famous all because his parents died.  Well not only that, he survived Voldermort! Which is not that easy let me tell you.  Imagine, to be schooled by nothing more than an infant.  After years and years of killing people, he can't kill one simple baby.

 I felt like I was going ...

no no no that's why you should...actually it's a good thing you didn't...'cause he's mine!
Queen_Bitch_09 Queen_Bitch_09 3 days ago
You're gonna be great friends with this girl names, Hermione.
They are 11! At least wait till 12 for her to dare anyone, and 13 for first kiss (that's how my life went)
Lazy_As_Possible Lazy_As_Possible Nov 26, 2016
He's jelly, someone give him apple please, so it would make him better XD
Queen_Bitch_09 Queen_Bitch_09 3 days ago
Omg. She DID say that the kiss was more passionate then usual. Awwe my heart.
LilaLiacs49 LilaLiacs49 Nov 15, 2016
                              This generation relays on 11 year old making out.
                              I am 11 and I still watch Disney. 
                              Harry; I am 11 and I made out a bunch