I'm With You [A Jerza Fanfic]

I'm With You [A Jerza Fanfic]

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<3 By Hetalia_Tarlac Completed

Scarlet and Fernandes meeting in an orpahange. Go to schools tegether. Erza gets adopted. She still hopes to see Jellal again. In the age of 16, her parents force her to do something that is against her will. She decides to run away. She soon realizes that she is alone again, like before she went to the orphanage, before she got adopted... Before she met Jellal... She soon bumps into someone she doesnt know, or does she know the person?

I dont own the characters and songs! It belongs to its rightful owners! Fairy Tail characters belongs to Hiro Mashima-sensei!

This book is based on the Avril Lavigne song 'Im With You'

I hope you enjoy!


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Oh man a kiss on the cheek works too but I want them to kiss on the lips
. . . Is this what living in a rich family is like?
                              BEING FORCED TO MARRY SOMEONE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW?!
                              Jesus . . .
Hikase-Hana Hikase-Hana May 31
PlumpySmile PlumpySmile Sep 15
So we got vampire knight, black butler, and now skip beat. Just kill me already.
PlumpySmile PlumpySmile Sep 15
Natsu isn't that old!! Though Loki is like, infinite old since he's a celestial spirit. Oh, and Natsu, technically, is from like, really long ago, but stuff happened. (Not gonna spoil too much) So yeah, it all works out
Snowycat57 Snowycat57 Aug 09
I'm sorry, is there a problem?
                              I think you meant to say Jellal.