Sex Ed (boyxboy) *Completed*

Sex Ed (boyxboy) *Completed*

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Love has no gender. By tampamanatee Completed

[Book One]

Two boys. 
One Class. 
One baby. 
Many mixed emotions.

Hugo Stevens is known as the bad boy around school. Sleeping with every girl, partying until dawn, and also one of the best wrestlers around. 

Cameron Yeager is different. He's shy, he's always quiet but he loves baseball. 

When these two are paired up to be 'parents' to a baby all semester long, will it stir up unwelcome emotions between the two boys?

  • baby
  • boyxboy
  • friends
  • sexed
  • sports
LTN6134 LTN6134 Oct 16, 2017
I'm a first time reader. I make a note to always read the notes. They're really useful
RandomAwkwardPotato RandomAwkwardPotato Nov 01, 2017
It's not gay if he likes anal, but my question is did SHE enjoy it?!! Like guys have the g-spot up there, girls don't, how is it pleasurable??
I've been looking for this book for 2 weeks now and I'm crying because I finally found it
kawaiipotato1089 kawaiipotato1089 Oct 13, 2017
People with morals and believe that their body is special and shouldnt be misused
JustLikeLisa JustLikeLisa Aug 10, 2017
That reminded me of the line The law is The law fron the shadohunters series.
smiliemaddie smiliemaddie Nov 17, 2017
Well one thing , I'm still a virgin , and another thing, I ain't cute at all . I don't think that somebody want a ugly person like me . 💀💀 #uglylife .