Prince Charming likes Crazy Girls

Prince Charming likes Crazy Girls

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Shayna G By LilAngelXOXO995 Updated Sep 06, 2015

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Princess Crazy Series (book 1)

Stacey wasn't always Crazy. There was a time when she was perfectly sane, but that was before her parents deaths. Her parents were murdered and the murderer was never found.

With no family left Stacey's auntie sends her to a boarding school far away. Ever since Stacey stepped into her new school she hasn't been acting like herself. 
Example: '"TALKING TREES!" I yell out randomly. My cheeks start burning up. That was not the way I wanted to tell the class that trees talk.' 

But when Stacey meets Ace and Brandin she starts making sense of things. They think she's too crazy to put the pieces together, but what they don't know won't hurt them. Right? She comes up with 5 facts about them.

1.) He's not human
2.) He gets angry very easily
3.) To perfect to be real
4.) Has the ability to swoon any girl
5.) Prince of something

1.) Not human 
2.) Gets angry
3.) Has good gym skills
4.) Ability to make any girl swoon... even me.
5.) Prince of... unknown

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