Luke Pane and his Anomaly Sister [ Fantasy ] (COMPLETED)

Luke Pane and his Anomaly Sister [ Fantasy ] (COMPLETED)

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Rachel F Williams By RFWilliams Completed

This epic tale begins thousands of years ago on the planet Zjordia; in a time when spirits, Elves, Fairies and many other magical beings were procreating with humans, creating a race that was so powerful it caused the Three Centuries World War. 

There is a higher power called "The Herec" who monitor the planet from above and saw these hybrids were overpowering the world, killing and conquering many many peoples. In one day, they enveloped the world in a thick white fog, putting all beings to sleep, except for the hybrids. They killed them.

Now, a thousand years later...

The 'hybrid' gene is still carried on in some humans. Every few hundred years, one is born with the gene.

Anyone who has it... is called an anomaly.

This brings us to Luke and his sister, Esme, who turns out to be an anomaly! But when they discover this... a very desperate situation has taken place. Their parents' lives are at stake. They've been put into the "death-sleep" -A magically induced coma that only Esme can bring them out of with Luke's help.

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