Back to you - Everlark (Currently Editing.)

Back to you - Everlark (Currently Editing.)

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Stay with me? Always By PeetaMellark015 Updated Aug 01, 2017

Peeta Mellark is the prince of panem loved by anyone. Katniss Everdeen is the royal hunter's daugher and is peeta's best friend since they where born. Everyone always thought that they would get married one day, but when something terrible happens and Peeta will have to run away and never come back, what will happen then. Will they find the way to each other again? or has fate another idea?  

This story is based on my favorite disney movie the lion king..but in real life.

I do not own the characters!!

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MaskOfMyDisguise MaskOfMyDisguise Dec 10, 2015
Um, just so you know...GOOD is an understatement, I love this so much so far!! :)
FireflyRepublic FireflyRepublic Dec 09, 2015
It wasn't bad, no matter what you say about it. It's better than what I could write.