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That's Not My Name ➳ Frerard

That's Not My Name ➳ Frerard

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Mikey✌🏻️ By Revenge_Iero Completed

Two boys who seem to think alike. But one more open then a book and the other in his own world with his own secrets - something as secretive as his own name. But no matter how like the two are. They are still so different. From the masks worn when it's not even Halloween to the height. 

Frank makes it his goal to find out the boys real name because he knows for a fact that it can't be the same as some demented rockstar who has an 'I don't give a shít' attitude. Even though his attitude is the same. 

This guys name is not Marilyn Manson and anyone who believes it is, is stupid. Frank seems to get annoying to the apparent Marilyn as he gets closer and closer to finding out his name. But...will Frank ever find out his actual name? 

**Story is more interesting then the description. Trust me** 

**EDIT: will have made up stuff that does not happen in real life (so don't complain about it or give me shit)**

peachyqueef peachyqueef Mar 11
One time my teacher asked the class if we ever thought of death and everyone was like "no!1!!" And im just in the back like ,,,,,perhaps
Thing are shaping up to be Pretty. Odd.
                              I'm so sorry I had to
fandomtrash2109 fandomtrash2109 4 days ago
If I could change my name into a serial killer's, It would be Elizabeth.
                              CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG BUT JESUS 
                              HE IS ONE HOT GAY DUDE
fandomtrash2109 fandomtrash2109 4 days ago
So they have met before. He doesn't remember and that's why they look so alike. He doesn't know where their makeup inspiration comes from since everything's fuzzy. It was probably their Halloween costumes or something.
fandomtrash2109 fandomtrash2109 4 days ago
*pinches bridge of nose* *sigh* That's my job. I break the forth wall, not you.