Perfectly Imperfect ➳ Ziam AU

Perfectly Imperfect ➳ Ziam AU

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Zayn Malik, 16 year old highschool student in Bradford. No one really cared about him, or what happened to him, he was just that weird kid, Zayn Malik who never spoke to anyone and got bullied.

Liam Payne, just turned 17, originally from Wolverhampton, but had recently moved to Bradford, to the exact same school Zayn happens to go to... Coincidence, much? Liam is instantly encircled in a group of friends; Harry, Niall, Louis and Josh.

But what happens when a certain lonely looking boy with messy raven black locks catches Liam's eye, and Liam wants to get to know him, to help him?

And despite everyone telling him Zayn is a no one, and he's not worth it, Liam still wants to knock down those walls that Zayn has built up over the years. But the thing is, will Zayn let him? And will Liam fight for him?

No one's perfect, but to Liam, Zayn is the closest thing your going to get. Zayn may be broken, but all that's broke must be fixed. Zayn may not be perfect, but he's pretty close, even if he doesn't see that. He's Perfectly Imperfect, and that's the best you can ever be.

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I'm sobbing, you're not worthless, I love you, I appreciate you, my heart aches
At my old school all the teachers had long aśs last names that were hard to pronounce. Like an example of this would be Mrs. Naterolatszki (or some Shiz like that. And it was not just one teacher not most of them and a lot of the students too😂)
leanasingh leanasingh Oct 21
if i was a boy i would turn gay for Zayn too lmao 🤷🏼‍♀️
Sounds like my old bio teacher to me😂 She told me that my older sister was better than me and that she wondered how she was so nice and I was so mean
He was eating half of it and then threw it away. I saw how skinny he was and already knew what to do so I picked up this goddamn breakfast bar and SHOWED it in his mouth ;)
ziamtrashh ziamtrashh Apr 17
He is just scared that after his father would be released from prison, he will kill him. That's what I guess