The Alpha King and Me

The Alpha King and Me

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Alexis Rose-Ann Mitchell By Roseiposei Completed

Hi my name is Aurora, I'm 17 and running away. Why you may ask? Well I have abusive drunk parents that could care less about me. I grew tired of getting beaten and decided to run away. But first off let me tell you about myself. I'm an outdoor kind of girl and sometimes can be a girly girl but not really. I love to be outside and most of the time I am. 

If I could I would live outside. I have blackish brownish hair and I have dark blue eyes. I'm 5'5 and love to run. But enough about that let's get back to where I am now. I've been running nonstop for two hours in the woods. I know if I keep going for a while longer I'll be far enough where they can't find me. 

Don't ask me how I've been running for 2 hours straight because I have no idea but I've been doing it. Another hour has passed and I'm getting tired, I can't keep going like this I need to stop, but if I stop now they'll be able to find me, so if I can just go alittle farther than I'm good. But like always I expect to much of m...

So him gently touching her wrist hurts but pulling her feet and leg then tackling her doesn't? No hate I'm just curious.
RinaHarrison RinaHarrison Feb 21, 2016
Hold up he seen her running for hours and didn't help boii 👉🚪
Babygirlgen Babygirlgen Apr 06, 2016
That awkward moment when you dont even feel like walking to the frige from ir room to the kitchen
Roseiposei Roseiposei Mar 04, 2016
Yeah but just because a guy is hot doesn't mean you can trust them
JadenSue JadenSue Mar 22, 2016
Yes tell your name to the stranger... EVER HEARD OF STRANGER DANGER😅😅
szdavis szdavis Jun 03, 2016
That what all the crazy ax muders say before they chop you into little pieces.