The Italian Promise

The Italian Promise

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Moon Burglar By MoonBurglar Updated Jul 28

It was first a way of getting revenge and taking back what was his but what happens when they both fall in love with the same girl ? 

Two men who were on opposite sides of the law were fighting for their true love but.
Who will win the heart of their true love  ?
Who will come out the victor ?


Nava was soon caught up in a war between 2 God brothers who tried to woo her for her affections. 
Of course in their own style. 
However to her dismay the task of deciding becomes more difficult as time goes on. 

P.S I'm really shitty at writing descriptions so please just give the book a read ❤️ it's worth it 


thirteeniee thirteeniee May 27, 2016
Whers the paragraphs at, but good job though i liked it you just need to lay it out better
NakaiaRoss NakaiaRoss Dec 07, 2016
Aren't you inside why do you still have your sunglasses on...
FionaAndrewsx FionaAndrewsx Dec 16, 2016
You're angry about him calling you sweetheart? I think you've got more important things to worry about honey
Class_pet Class_pet Jan 21, 2016
It was great! and don't worry "Gave my pleasure" I always make mistakes like that XD
Class_pet Class_pet Jan 21, 2016
I think that was great details and a great chapter. Just don't forget to make paragraphs ok?
lisalander lisalander Jan 13, 2016
Even though there is little talking in this chapter i like it