moonlight 。disney descendants

moonlight 。disney descendants

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⎯artemis By yoonjeonghoul Updated Nov 30, 2015

❝I will always be kind and have courage.❞

ASHLYNN ELLA was one of the princess' that was incredibly kind, an inheritance from her mother, and always gave others more chances than they should be given. She believed that everyone deserved kindness, just as her mother did; which is why she gave the same promise her mother gave to her grandmother, to always be kind and have courage. 

After hearing Bens proposal of offering four teens from the Isle of The Lost a chance to prove their innocence she is ecstatic; being given the chance to make new friends. Lets just say after those four teens arrive her life is turned upside down, literally.

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Troubles04 Troubles04 Jun 30
Yeah, because you're not soon to be king just like everyone else... not.
penjade penjade Feb 04, 2016
I like her...totally not because that sounds like me or anything....
crewzie crewzie Nov 24, 2016
crying bc China will be in the next movie as one of the "villains"
-arcadia -arcadia Feb 15, 2016
While Grimm Brothers did a lot like Cinderella and Snow White... they didn't do all of them like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid *wink*wink*
microwavedcoffee microwavedcoffee Jan 06, 2016
so, I've never read a descendants book before, but this seems totally worth the read so : let's read >.>
whisperwrs whisperwrs Jan 03, 2016
you're soon to be king. therefore you are not like everyone else, asshöle