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Fake (Sherlock x reader)

Fake (Sherlock x reader)

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VWDolphin By VWDolphin Completed

   Hi. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I'm a sociopath. I live in America and have lived there all my life. I'm friends with Lestrade. He works for Scotland Yard. He came to visit America and we ran into each other. He is my only friend.
   Lately, my work as a Detective has made me move to London to help with a case. If all goes well, then I will stay. I don't mind. I never have. Whenever someone asks me about my past, which is often, I tell them the fake one. I hate my true past. My parents, how should I put it, died when I was 8. I was alone with nowhere to go until I turned 18. I somehow kept my house and I locked myself in my room. That's how I became what I am today. A 'freak'. That's what everyone says. Everyone except my friend. He says that I'm like someone else he knows so he doesn't think that way. He says that I'm more human when it comes to people that the other person. He never gave me a name, or a gender for that matter. But I know who he is talking about. She lock Holmes. I h...

Danti324 Danti324 Apr 03
Ha ha! 
                              Me: Sherlock, you're too close.
                              Sherlock: *winks* I know.
Danti324 Danti324 Apr 03
Goddamnit! Every time I see the name Mark, I think Markiplier. Is he taking over my life? Alongside Jackiboy? *wink wink nudge nudge*
StoriesOfTime StoriesOfTime Jul 28, 2016
Who's Maaaaark? Unless we're thinking Mark Gatiss which is Mycroft's real name... but then this is Sherlock, not Benedict Cumberbitches.
Bond-IonicBond Bond-IonicBond Apr 18, 2016
Johns taller than me by 3 inches (if we're going by Martin's height. Which i assume we are)
I just found this story and its on 666 votes. 😂😂😂 imma leave it that way.