Hit And Run

Hit And Run

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The Richards family all lived great, successful lives in a rich home that others would strive for. Aviana Richards bathed in the glory of being drowned in money, her life was picture perfect. She had the perfect boyfriend, loving friends and her sister's support on everything she did.

Until one day, everything changes. The people who she thought she knew are filled with deceit and rid her of her joy, so she does the only thing she has been taught to do in stressful situations, she ran.

And the car that slammed into her life ended up being packed with joy, adventure and grief, as her encounter with the Mafia changes her life in ways unimaginable.

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re_re-realest re_re-realest Apr 30, 2016
what the heck im confused who the hheck is bryce and avianna where is ally and harvey and marcus and the daugther
ariealzzz ariealzzz Feb 16, 2016
your books are the best love them and I was crying keep writing
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please go read my books!  I have worked really hard and i just started the sequel
BrianneMorris BrianneMorris Jan 30, 2016
I have read all you books,cried every time, re read them, cried again, thank you :)
boopdoopfroop boopdoopfroop Apr 16, 2016
Can someone hire a hacker to get into her account and enter both books into the wattys?