Normal With You

Normal With You

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''Hey little bee.''

His soft, husky voice sounded close to her ear.

''Yes?''She looked up at him, smiling at the way he looked down at her. She knew what the others saw as she looked at him because it was the same thing she saw reflected in his dimmed eyes and his slight smile.
''Will you do something for me?''
''Close your eyes with me.''
She could feel his breath dance across her lips as his fingers tightened around hers. If she opened her eyes, she was sure she would be able to count each and every one of the freckles covering his face.

''One day,'' She felt his lips graze her fingers lightly as she placed her hand gently before his mouth. ''You're never going to leave and when that happens, I'll never stop kissing you.''

*Rated for graphic and matured themes including rape, molestation and abuse. Readers below 18 are strictly cautioned*

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LivingHayat LivingHayat Jun 01, 2017
3rd time reading this story... have no words for your writing 😍 in complete awe of your talent 👌🏻 May Allah continue to bless you with this insane gift ❤️😁
AdelinaJaden AdelinaJaden Sep 11, 2017
I am not liking this for some reason...Not the writing. The vibe.
LivingHayat LivingHayat Oct 30, 2017
Well... guess I really do like this book 😶 (5th time and counting) still gives me the same feelings, each time stronger than the last ❤️
InLuvWidBooks InLuvWidBooks Feb 11, 2017
I have been waiting forever for this book to get over because I didn't want to add another book to my 'waiting to be updated list'. I can finally read this, yaaaayyy!!!
SatiricalMe_ SatiricalMe_ Feb 20, 2016
I haven't  completely read your other books - have yet to read them, but still this is awesome!  Ohhh your sister is older or young?
charlie712 charlie712 Aug 13, 2016
Love the prologue. I'm so excited about reading this story XD