Haikyuu x Reader Lemons

Haikyuu x Reader Lemons

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☆ Lemon Hime ☆ By lemonhime Updated Jan 19, 2016


I have started another one :{) as the title says, it is Haikyuu! characters x reader lemons. 

Warning: hardcore stuff, strong launguage, and unedited


KaleurSama KaleurSama Aug 25
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              Dear god send us help
                              Because im too gorgeous to die
Yo imagine kuroo staring reader chan dead in the eye then slowly massaging her breast HAHA LOL >~<
Nishinoya Yuu, in Japan they say the Last Name before the First Name
NekoGirl-6 NekoGirl-6 Jul 24
I'm listening at Jizz in my pants while reading this.
                              I think I need jesus.
Pffffft bish please. I read BL doujins of you and Kenma hah pleassssssse. Angelic, bish what you talking bout? Have you ever read Killing Stalking? I WANT THE NEXT CHAPTER
And her I thought I was in a leotard and tights - and today, my tights would have a new hole on my- gotta blast