tulisas daugthermaxine  i dont beilive in love or do i

tulisas daugthermaxine i dont beilive in love or do i

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kayla By kaylalovestulisa Updated Sep 06, 2014

chapter 1

hi my name Maxine I find it hard to show my emotions I don't believe in love cause I just think its pointless all boys do is use you for sex and my mum is Tulisa don't get started on how my mum always insists that I am going to meet the one boy is she wrong

Tulisa - Maxine come get you need up cause remember we are shopping today

Maxine - alrite I am already up and dressed and I am coming I get down stairs and see my mum just standing there and all I say is what you staring at ??

Tulisa - you look so beautiful and all the boys will be drooling over you

Maxine - boys can go fuck themselves I don't believe in love and that's not changing

Tulisa - look I know you have seen me get hurt loads of times but that doesn't mean all boys are out their to hurt you

Maxine - well mum 2 be honest all the heart aches you have had have affected me but I just don't want allow myself to feel anything for anyone cause I never ever wanna fucking end up like you

Tulisa - fuck sake lets jus...