My Forever (Rowaelin Fanfiction)

My Forever (Rowaelin Fanfiction)

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***Update in 2017: I started this fanfic two years ago before queen of shadows was released and there were basically  ten people on the rowaelin ship. Obviously I didn't know the whole storm of things that would happen in QoS and EoS and I am not going to change it because it will not fit the storyline. Also, I have improved my writing since then so have mercy on me :) 

The war is over, and Aelin has restored the mighty kingdom of Terrasen, building a new city and a new palace, with a new court that included her most trusted members, Aedion Ashryver and Rowan Whitethorn.
Since Dorian is the King now, Aelin decides to visit Adarlan to discuss treaties, and also to visit him. Rowan is to join her, while Aedion is staying back. 
Reunited with Chaol Westfall, the handsome Captain of the Guard and an old romantic interest of Aelin's, the spark between them might just reignite. But is it just a fling and fun affair? After all, she couldn't possibly marry a man of Adarlan, and she did not exactly imagine a forever with Chaol anymore. 
And as for the Fae prince, Rowan Whitethorn...well HE is just hopelessly in love with his queen, who did not seem the least bit interested in him - too busy hooking up with the Captain of the Guard to notice Rowan's longing looks. 
Will Aelin ever realise Rowan's feelings for her, and will Rowan learn to control himself and patiently wait? 
Patience and control were never part of the game - for either of them. 
So it all comes rushing to them, all at once. And how will that turn out?
Perhaps just beautiful. 


Although this is a Rowaelin fan fiction, it also includes a lot of Chaolaena. This would also probably be a short story, around ten chapters (but maybe more hehe).

Characters and places belong to the beautiful and talented Sarah J. Maas.

Hope you enjoy.

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Dominoxx3813 Dominoxx3813 Oct 13, 2017
Wait, I've read all the books. The last one was umm... queen of shadows? Did a new book come out?
AelinAeg AelinAeg Jul 10, 2017
It's cinda annoying.  I mean they got married in the book, so Rowan should be king consort.
jijipop6 jijipop6 Mar 09, 2017
Just sitting here thinking, "What about prince consort Rowan? Sound good?"
IzChanNya IzChanNya Nov 25, 2017
To be honest, i thought consort meant something completely different, so i was just happy inside when i learned that one of its meanings was mate.
Aeryn_LD Aeryn_LD May 01, 2017
Which is totally not creepy in any way. Every body does that, and Rowan isn't acting like a stalker or serial killer AT ALL
Throneofglass44 Throneofglass44 Nov 02, 2017
Great story! I hope you can come and read mine, and maybe see how good it is, because it's composed of one shots with a rowaelin in there.