You're Mine (Slow Updates)

You're Mine (Slow Updates)

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مروة By hoedaddy Updated May 30, 2016

"Come on Carter, you have to let me go." I whined. 

"Absolutely not." He retorted. 

"Please just let me g-"

"I said no! And that's the end of this!" He roared impatiently. 

"What's wrong with you?!?" I screamed in his face.

"Everything." He stated as he started inching closer to me. I started moving back, and when my back hit the wall, I started panicking.

At this point, Carter was right besides my ear. "You're mine and I can't take the risk of anyone else taking you away from me, because I do not share what is mine." 


Juliette Hampton was a normal girl. She was the Third In Commands daughter and well, she loved the life until it became a 180 turn. Her life became a living hell when she met Carter.


His name will put your head down in fear of what will happen by simply just saying his name. The curfews in the packs that are nearby his territory are 9 PM sharp, and if you're not home by that time, no one knows what will happen to you.


music_lover2802 music_lover2802 Aug 06, 2016
Not its me sweetheart. I get very cranky if I'm lost so yes I'm satan.
oml you really stupid even i dont know french and i know what bella means
Queen_of_da_nerds Queen_of_da_nerds Jun 22, 2016
My flip phone would've survived that js... Them smart phones don't stand a chance
Harls- Harls- Dec 28, 2016
90% of us retarded people tried to search this up or translated it.
kass_liz13 kass_liz13 Sep 06, 2016
Ok so I just like 30 min downloading Duolingo and I'm 1% fluent in Italian
Queen_of_da_nerds Queen_of_da_nerds Jun 22, 2016
My father ain't got time for scaring girls in the forest boo boo