Wildest Dreams (Sasusaku fic)

Wildest Dreams (Sasusaku fic)

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"Those feelings were long gone. I'm not that 12 year old girl who would die for you. No. I have changed. I will never fall in your games ever again"

 Haruno Sakura

You might recognise her as the treasured apprentice of the Godaime Hokage. A member of team 7. A girl with hopes and dreams. A girl who had friends that she could trust.

Or so she thought? 

Her friends started neglecting her. Started faking their personalities. Started betraying her.

When she found out,she was dissapointed and raged. 

She did what she could do. She left the village.

The Akatsuki had recruited her. But soon....Team Hebi was recruited as well?  How well will their reunion go? Will it go how you imagined it? It is of course, one of her wildest dreams to be reunited with her childhood crush. 

//Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. It belongs to Kishi and only Kishi. Only the plot it mine//

~rewrite is out. Re written as; Wildest Dreams (rewrite)

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