Me And A Rejection (#myyouth)  ✔

Me And A Rejection (#myyouth) ✔

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Madiha R By Deep_Dreamer1 Completed

One more step and my whole life changes. I'll become a rogue, all the connections I have with the pack will be lost.

Do I really want to do that? Do I just want to walk away from everything? Am I gonna ruin my pack life just because of a stupid rejection? What will I do after I leave? Where will I go?



Who knew that this word,  would crash my world?  
What would you do,  if you wait 7 years for your mate to arrive,  and the first thing  they do,  after laying eyes on you is,  to reject you. 
I'm Alexis Greyback and this is how I survived being a reject.

Cover made by @Sally_Hsuper

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Emcakes23 Emcakes23 Jan 16
Btw, author, I've only seen like 2 grammar mistakes so far and just type with Grammarly and they can be fixed... I swear I'm not sponsered...
XxGeorgie-PorgiexX XxGeorgie-PorgiexX Aug 30, 2017
I live for phoebe ❤️ especially in the originals and h2o 😍
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 26, 2017
Pff, a tissue? For a bleeding arm? Try putting panty shell for better measure😂
lolathefea lolathefea Apr 13
^i would had been out of there the first time they hit my sister
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 26, 2017
Typical, just plug some music on that ears of yours to ease the pain of being alone😐 i do that and it helps, except not with music but with wattpad😄
True. But half the people in this world are assholes and don't give a damn about you if your ugly. That is the sad reality of today....《♡》