Me And A Rejection (#myyouth)  ✔

Me And A Rejection (#myyouth) ✔

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One more step and my whole life changes. I'll become a rogue, all the connections I have with the pack will be lost.

Do I really want to do that? Do I just want to walk away from everything? Am I gonna ruin my pack life just because of a stupid rejection? What will I do after I leave? Where will I go?



Who knew that this word,  would crash my world?  
What would you do,  if you wait 7 years for your mate to arrive,  and the first thing  they do,  after laying eyes on you is,  to reject you. 
I'm Alexis Greyback and this is how I survived being a reject.

Cover made by @Sally_Hsuper

I live for phoebe ❤️ especially in the originals and h2o 😍
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 26
Pff, a tissue? For a bleeding arm? Try putting panty shell for better measure😂
TeheeMe TeheeMe Jun 26
Typical, just plug some music on that ears of yours to ease the pain of being alone😐 i do that and it helps, except not with music but with wattpad😄
A minute just take your time.  The clock is ticking so stay....  All you have to do is wait a second..  Your hands on mine the clock is ticking so stay......
I can surely say I'm not mundane I'm going to find an institute and show them I'm a shadow hunter or get my letter to hogwarts
I mean its no problem for me
                              People always makes mistakes and aren't perfect
                              I never did judge a book because of grammars and spelling mistakes
                              So its okay for it to have some as long as the book is good