My Space Hero [TMNT Leo x Reader]

My Space Hero [TMNT Leo x Reader]

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Along with your sad past,your life wasn't really going so good.And school wasn't helping the problem at all.Broken hearts,stupid popular girls,you had enough of it.But what would happen if you met a mysterious "person" that could change your life forever?

Would it be for the better,or for the worse?

And what did your past bring back that could also affect your life?

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Funtime, watching you at night
                              Come here, it will be alright
                              Don't scream you'll just make it worse
                              This dance, is an undying curse
                              What song is that from?
Me: spaghetti? 
                              Papyrus:* jumps through window*  DID SOMEONE SAY SPAGHETTI?
                              Me: uh're in the wrong book...
                              Papyrus: ...OH...
daynasfire daynasfire Sep 05
I've lived this exact day in real life it was horrible (and yes even my boyfriend broke up with me) accept it was meatloaf that for in my hair 😖
At least you have spaghetti hair girl and that's not a common thing to see everyday!You should be happy!😁😂
Don't worry there are many fishes in the sea you might catch a cute one
BubbaCaiks BubbaCaiks Sep 17, 2016
...Terrible grammar.. Not sure if I even wanna read this anymore. :/