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Mission Undercover Agent Chase

Mission Undercover Agent Chase

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BlueDolphin4Ever By BlueDolphin4Ever Updated Oct 16, 2016

Sarah Smith is a straight A student that has never been in trouble. 

She, is a nerd. 

Alex Finnely is an agent and has been training since the age of 4. 

She, is awesome. 

While Sarah has textbooks in her locker, Alex has guns and weapons under her bed. While Sarah has 2 people to turn to at school and is a loner, Alex is known as #1 agent in the Agency. 

While Sarah has a big secret Alex also has one too. 

The exciting part is that both secrets that each of these girls keep are linked together in more ways than ever thought possible. These girls couldn't be anymore different from each other. Add in a bit of surprise and, well, BOOM!...These two girls are the exact same person. Nobody knows about Alex's two  sided secret life apart from her family and the agents at the agency. 

Well nobody except one. Someone finally knows now. 

But who? 

Collin Hills of course. The school's Badboy. 

Well this is obviously not good.... not good at all, so, what happens next? 

Well since Alex calls the shots, it's finally time to put a game plan that's not only elaborate but also resembles the meaning of misdirection in the most mind blowing way. A game plan with the intention of creating the ultimate goose chase of all time. A game plan that though was created, has never been tried out before actual use. And yet, a game plan that no one, not even Alex, thought would come to use someday. This game plan was so precise and coordinated that even Alex is fooled by it and doesn't know the how to handle any problems that arise from this dangerous gamble at hand. 

It's time for Alex to call into action, gameplay #1 'Mission Undercover Agent Chase'

Sucky description I know, I know..but that's just the way I roll (They See Me Rollin' song plays) that shade though.
Cover by: @BlueDolphin4Ever ; ME

- - Dec 31, 2015
This is so good! I'm literally reading this and going like "This book definitely needs more votes."
                              And I'm only on the first page!