Whispers Under the Moonlight [Lesbian Story]

Whispers Under the Moonlight [Lesbian Story]

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Czy Feinhollow By bookie032 Completed

[Sequel to Scent of Blood]:

"Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own."

Born into slavery, Katherine grew up a servant. Everyone there were mistreated upon the slightest mistake that almost cost her life; she learnt to adapt - obeyed every command her master told her to - but forgot about her other self.

At how to be a wolf.

Freed from her childhood of servitude, she ventured further into her teen life and allowed herself to be educated once more. Her life was perfectly normal, until she met another teen - a faerie - who somehow managed to save her by unusual means.

The peaceful life she had hoped for had begun to turn for the worse upon meeting this blue haired beauty, who seemed to keep her on her toes - far worse than her life before.

Threatened by the unknown, Katherine walks a path she knew not would lead her to a secret that even her former master did not know. Her life turned a complete one-eighty as she lived her life hunted by an organisation built on enigma.

Dancing with death, will she ever find peace in her life? Or will death take her before she ever found it? Will she ever banish the secrets hidden through the whispers under the moonlight?

©bookie032 2015-16

  • action
  • assassins
  • athena
  • drama
  • faeries
  • hailey
  • institutions
  • itsuki
  • jesslyn
  • katherine
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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  • sequel
  • supernatural
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akeruam akeruam Sep 24, 2017
That's what they say for all schools the end result is people hating it
AinaHoneyComb AinaHoneyComb Feb 13, 2018
Idk if I'm ready for all the roller coaster feeling I'm gonna feel while reading this book.. but.. meh.. I'M READY
AinaHoneyComb AinaHoneyComb Feb 13, 2018
Is it bad I want at least one of them fall? Just to see if they'll live or not.. lol
oORoyaLRoseDewOo oORoyaLRoseDewOo Jan 06, 2016
Hailey's the daughter of ATHENAxMICH 
                              So is it possible that....
                              Katherine's the daughter of JESSxSUKI-CHAN
stayorbiting stayorbiting Oct 05, 2015
Katherine Wilson + Hailey Shepard = ? Kailey, Hatherine, Hailerine, Kathley... I'm not sure. Author do u have one that I can use
bookie032 bookie032 Aug 26, 2015
You deserved my gratitude lols xD Princess Bubblegum ought to give you a medal xD