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Longing for the Other (Sasori's Little Brother) *Slow Updates*

Longing for the Other (Sasori's Little Brother) *Slow Updates*

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Spider-Man D!ck 👅 💦 By xBunnu Updated Sep 14, 2016

Book 1: Hajime is a child who holds great reputation just like his brother (before he defected) and is trained under the Fourth Kazekage. This makes him precious to the village; however, the Fourth Kazekage notices Hajime's change of personality and decides it is best for him to stay at the Leaf for the mean time before he cracks. But unknowingly to the people around him, he is very ill and would like to keep people oblivious to his health until he completes his life long goal... to see his brother one last time.

Psychic_Kitten_Girl Psychic_Kitten_Girl Sep 18, 2016
So no one else is questioning the fact that they were once prosperous and strong, but they got wiped out by a freaking gang!? Like WTF!?!? What kind of clan are THEY!?!?!??!
So he got to see again but now he  is sick and might die. And if the clan was so prosperous how had no one know about the side effect.
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Jul 13, 2016
Thing is I would just scowl so much now it's just my face XD
VinniVVicci VinniVVicci Jul 12, 2016
Resting bitch face....well we already have one thing in common
KarasuHatake KarasuHatake Dec 27, 2016
Why do you have to bring a bit of my secret personality in this whyyyy
Moonfrostkitty Moonfrostkitty Sep 28, 2016
Uh, they implanted eyes that slowly kill him? Did they not do their research?