Kissed by a Bullet

Kissed by a Bullet

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Getting shot: check

Best friend almost having a panick attack to the point where she was breathing out of a paper bag: check

3 alarm Hot tamales raking hot, hotter, and hottest: check

Having a ex's boyfriend trying to win you back: *shivers in disgust* check

 Twin brother switching your liquid foundation with paint: check

Go sky diving: still trying to convince parents that I need to do it, to impress boys into dating me.

Melanie White is your typical smart good girl/nerd. Well mostly a nerd... She a wizard at technology.

Jace McQueen yes, you guessed it! Is the bad boy. Getting in loads of trouble or 'fun' has he called it.

From fights to kisses, fire to ice water, and a sunny day to clouded night. These two are not a like. No way shape or form.

Like every other bad boy and good girl/ nerd story is right?

But this nerd takes a bullet for her best friend, literally! But Mr. Trouble himself is another bullet for Melanie to dodge.

Each one has a past, scars that all to fresh. Both strong in different ways,  I mean why is Melanie so secretive about her past with her family? Why is Jace keep coming back to a girlfriend that is clearly off her rocker? 

The two best friends stick to eachother swearing off the three annoying boys. And the boys stick to the bro code to be single and free, well Jace tries to be at least.

But yet again, is it really that bad to get shot by cupid's arrow? Hold up, cupid is going to need a lot more then an arrow to shoot through the hearts of one of these's teens. It's time to break out the machine guns.

All rights reserved, don't even think about stealing my ideas.

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Collecter45 Collecter45 Jun 30, 2017
Yes but their not always hot.......unless their from Wattpad then maybe
Tori-G Tori-G Apr 27, 2017
I'm sorry girl, but no. You can't... You don't have the right parts for it!!