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Darkest Desires

Darkest Desires

59.8K Reads 151 Votes 9 Part Story
Zoe By valiumcoloredskies Updated Jul 29, 2016

NOTE: if you are uncomfortable with BDSM this is not the book for you, of you have requests leave them in the comments or in my inbox
Yes sir?
What is this? I gestured at the plates still sitting on the table.
Um, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet sir, the house is rather large and I was working on the upstairs.
No excuses. Clean this up now. 
Yes sir.
I watched Alexandra move as she tidied up the kitchen, the way her hips swing as she walks, the way her breasts bounce slightly when she takes a step. She's so yummy. I will have her.
Yes sir?
When you're done meet me upstairs in my office, there's something I want to discuss with you.
Yes sir...
She probably thinks I'm going to fire her. But the fear in her eyes was delicious. I want to see it again when I pull off my belt. 

Alexandra knocked on my office door,
Come in. 
You wanted to speak to me sir?
Ah, yes. Sit. She does as she's told, she'd make a very obedient pet. I w...

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