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Second Chance Mate

Second Chance Mate

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Courtney Johnson By CourtneyJohnson327 Updated Jun 17

"Have you ever heard of a second chance mate?" My aunt asks as she sits across from me at the kitchen table. The question catching me off guard and causes something I never felt before settle within me. As I shake my head no, she sighs and continues, she seems reluctant to tell me... 
 "Sometimes, when the moon goddess pairs up mates, something tragic can happen. Either before the two wolves ever get the opportunity to meet, or in a very rare case after they meet. It has only been recorded one time in the whole history of werewolves. Alpha Logan lost his mate to an enemy pack during the brutal territory war of 1955, causing his pack, The Silver Moon Pack, to fall to The White Lake Pack. The pack weak and close to collapse, Logan was lost and alone, until a mysterious she-wolf rouge wandered into their territory, and saved Logan, as his second chance Mate."
  "This is what's happening to me then? I am a second chance mate to Alpha Keenan?" I ask, too many emotions rushing through my body to pinpoint one in particular. 
"Yes my dear, you are." She says with a sympathetic smile on her face, as a tear rolls down my cheek, thoughts of Kennan pass through my mind, I am his second chance Mate, and the only problem is... I just found my mate, Alpha Ronan.

Probably NOT a good idea, considering you're in a room filled with three Alphas, two of which believe you are their mate and the same two are EXTREMELY pissed!! But hey good luck😉