The Wild One's

The Wild One's

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Breezy By Briredrose Updated May 19

*Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.*

"We BORROWED a bus" Logan says with a smirk.
"Now get in!" 
"No no no" I started walking back and forth. while shaking my head the next thing I know I'm being throw into the drivers seat. I turned in my seat to see most of all my friends in the back. I turned back to Kasper"I don't.....can't drive a bus" My hands were lightly shaking. "Relax, Its just like driving a car only slightly bigger" Kasper says with a charming smile and a wink to match. 

SLIGHTLY, how did it get to this. One minute Dakota is doing homework. The next minute a big yellow bus parks right in front of her house. Dakota should of run the moment she saw the thing, but why didn't she  'Because. there a Bus on HER YARD!! 
Dakota is about to get into so much trouble. Good thing her friends will be there for the ride also.
Cover by: WriteMyHeartOut75

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