When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls

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kylie By ilysmbiebs Updated Nov 27, 2016

After a freak accident kills her parents, 18-year old Anastasia McCall moves to the small town of Lexington located in Georgia. Having just graduated, and her parents death, she's decided to skip college and start her life. 

Despite having to live with her aunt Shelley, whom she's never met, she finds herself attracted to the small towns atmosphere. 

But when people start to go missing and a slew of deaths are reported almost every night, she wonders just how safe she actually is in this tiny town with a population of 224.

But Anastasia finds herself indulging in the towns mysteries. As she finds herself exploring one day, she meets someone. 

A very special someone.

Cover by: drewsarianah

hotlineagb hotlineagb Mar 05, 2016
biebrauhls biebrauhls Nov 13, 2016
I would never live in a house like that I just washed hush so it's a no from me
ariluff ariluff Nov 27, 2016
my mom's been calling me that ever since I was born and I'm 12 now and she still calls me that. I like it though. Its cute
biebrauhls biebrauhls Nov 13, 2016
Kill myself before the killer does just so they don't get the satisfaction of actually killing me
Lil_Stupid Lil_Stupid Dec 31, 2016
Don't kill the serial it's delicious....get it? Because cereal and serial are like.... Ok I'll stop
sacredbieber sacredbieber Oct 08, 2015
This sounds great! I would love to know more about her past. (It's really mind blowing how your story and my story, Caution, almost have the same plot lines and the same character names. I swear though, I wrote that way before haha) Anyway, excited to read the rest!