I Just Want To Be Your Favorite [LS Dom/Sub] (boyxboy)

I Just Want To Be Your Favorite [LS Dom/Sub] (boyxboy)

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"Please, let me show you," Louis gasped, gripping his shoulders. Harry's hands slid down his back, stopping to cup the subs ass. "I just want to show you how good I can be for you."

"I know how good you can be, baby," Harry smirked. "You were born to please me."


Louis Tomlinson was born in a world where soulmates exist. At age 18, every teenager goes to their local courthouse to take a test that determines their future. Tests are calculated, and saved, continuously getting matched through others around the world until two people are shown to be a perfect match. This is the story of Louis and his Dom, Harry Styles. 

(BDSM dynamics, Mpreg, bottom Louis)

Thank you @margotea for the beautiful cover! xx

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i used to live in Indiana lmao and before that ireland and now england? who is he
8 years if you're supposed to take the test at 18 and he is now 26 so he has been waiting for his match for 8 years.
Oh my gosh I feel his nervousness.....
                              I Have this terrible feeling and like I'm gonna die
OopsHi28_ OopsHi28_ Jun 23
Even though I moved to Texas, Veracruz will always be my home
It honestly makes me oddly happy when people act so surprised about who it is when it's a Larry book. Seeing happy reactions is so cute.
Lol for a sec I thought it meant 
                              "Las Angeles,New York City" 
                              And I was like "That's not right! What??"