On the Subject of Insanity

On the Subject of Insanity

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You want to talk about being royally screwed over by fate?

Let's talk about Skylar Brady.

Living in a one bedroom apartment in the middle of Dracmoor Falls and making sandwiches at Mr. Chou's was not the ideal future Skylar had foreseen for herself. Four years of college down the drain because of what? Seeing dead people? 

Skylar has been riding shotgun on the sixth sense brigade for as long as she can remember. Ghosts, spirits, grandma from hell, whatever you wanted to call them, they were all the same to Skylar; assholes. Nothing glamorous about talking to three-hundred-year-old ghosts that have nothing better to do than annoy the ever living crap out of you. 

So imagine the shock on Skylar's face when some mystery man shows up in her apartment, claiming to have the power to get rid of her 'curse'.

The catch?

Work for him. It sounds simple enough, right? Not so fast. What Skylar will have to do, the things she'll have to 'hunt' per say, could send her even further off of the crazy train if that is even possible.