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Twins (boyxboy)

Twins (boyxboy)

47.5K Reads 2.3K Votes 30 Part Story
Dylan Lore By dragonhero_yaoi Completed

Aaron Wright is not your average teenage boy.

He is a twin, and in love with his twin brother. When Aaron's life is turned upside down, he'll have to rely on that love, even across distance, to save him.

KissingInTheRain021 KissingInTheRain021 Nov 27, 2016
Sorry Hun, I read creepypasta before I 'go to sleep'. So that spot is taken up already
Susurrations Susurrations Jun 22, 2016
Commenting ahead a few days before I start reading just to say to author that I'm a twin and my twin is called Aaron so I have high expectations and I hope it'll be an amazing read xoxoxoxo (also lol I'm not in incest love with my twin just thought the coincidence was fckn weird)
PhoenixFire12 PhoenixFire12 Feb 24, 2016
*Reads description*
                              Will my friends judge me for reading this?
                              Do I care?
                              A little bit.
                              Does it matter, since I'm bi?
                              But they're gay twins.
                              Gay twincest.
                              It works.
                              It's like OHSHC.
                              But from the twins point of view.
                              Honey Senpai?
                              My friends will judge me so hard.
Jay_3265 Jay_3265 Sep 30, 2016
Ignore those people who hated on you, there'll always be those who drag you down and they'll use any reason they can find, apparently a book is one of them, but this is an amazing book so I'm glad you re uploaded it, thanks for writing this book :)
"Entertaining" I've read this before and I cried so yeah "entertaining"
samiyahS- samiyahS- Feb 10
I guarantee to do this all day today because im not getting out of bed