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But he is not muslim!

But he is not muslim!

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living-for-books By caarterex Updated Oct 22, 2016

"Move out of my way you jerk!" He was really starting to piss me off. 
"What If I don't?". Oh ya Rabi help me so I can control my anger and not threw a punch in his astaghfirullah beautiful face. 
"Then, I will make you regret the day you set foot in this school. What part of 'I can't  be alone with boys who aren't family or my  husband,' don't you understand?!". He just smirked and took a step back. 
"Then if that's how it works, I will make it 'halaal' like you said." My jaw dropped. What does he mean by that? "I will come to your house and ask for your hand so that I can talk to you."
I threw my head back and laugh, I am so winning this argument " but you forgot one thing Joshua, you are not a muslim and there-" his smirk grow bigger as he cut off my sentence. 
"Just wait Maryam...just wait.." and with that said he left me staring at the wall in front of me, my mouth open. Guess I didn't win the argument after all. But would he really do that? Would he become a muslim just for me?
Hey guys! I know I know... lame summary BUT the story will be a piece of chocolate cake. I mean I hope so .... after all you guys ads the judge. Love ya fellas!

RoseLune RoseLune 4 days ago
Hmm there are some spelling and grammar mistakes in this chapter, but overall an interesting first chapter.
Razia101 Razia101 Feb 07
Lol I punched a guy in the face and gave him a black eye before because he called me a terrorist and I was like awww hell nawwwww he deserved it.
When I read her name out is sounds like 'angle'. I love her name
Razia101 Razia101 Feb 07
Omg this is my mom tho she gives me this lecture 😂😂😂
mercurist mercurist Feb 24
I so do that! But it really irritates me to be awoken like this...
xXxTheFlashxXx xXxTheFlashxXx Dec 21, 2016
Y'all lucking I start 7:15 and wake up at 5 to get to school