Here and There 🐇 (A Tale of Ozghard)

Here and There 🐇 (A Tale of Ozghard)

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Cliff Jones Jr. By CliffJonesJr Completed

Companion to Adelaide in Ozghard (

Before Adelaide crossed the bridge to Ozghard, King Nemban of Yomba Country makes a journey west to see his wife Zendalda, the Gowee Empress, and their son Roqash, who is to become the legendary Gnome King. This tale sheds a bit of light (just a bit) on the origin and purpose of the mysterious silver boots.

Length: 4,700 words, 19 pages

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lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Mar 13, 2016
Hello there! Long time no read. I would take this one as I already have read the first one? Hope that's okay with you
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Mar 13, 2016
Your protagonist has such a unique voice. Old-fashioned somehow but it suits the character. Also, the stories are so exceedingly well written. You play with words. Lovely
moldy_voldy moldy_voldy Jul 26, 2016
Oh no! Is this the Summit where the location gets changed to Ylina's palace and Zendalda gets poisoned!?
SamMaze SamMaze Aug 09, 2015
                              So now we're onto the second book. Yay! :) I liked your style of writing for this part. It's similar and yet different to the first book's narrative. God Bless!
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Aug 07, 2015
I really need to read the first book first, but I wanted to at least leave one proper comment expression my appreciation of your prose!
CocoNichole CocoNichole Aug 06, 2015
I'm not sure why, but I burst out laughing at the use of "devilment".
                              Was Roqash the gentleman present at the tea party?