Kept Quiet / The Maze Runner / Minho

Kept Quiet / The Maze Runner / Minho

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Koolaid By KTKat4 Updated Dec 25, 2016

Like every Glader, Helen wakes up in a moving Box with no memory of her past. "I don't know what is scarier being the only girl in a small area filled with teenage boys or being trapped in the Maze." Every week supplies arrive in the Box for for the Gladers, and every month a new Greenie comes. This time its a girl and no one knows if they can trust her especially when she doesn't talk to anyone. 

Helen wishes she could talk to someone about her reacurring dreams but she can't. Ever since she arrived in the Box she learned that she can't talk. She's tried sobbing, screaming, talking, groaning, and even whining. Nothing works and she doesn't know if she'll be able to survive whether it is from the Grievers that lurk in the maze or from her growing feelings toward a certain shank,


Try the first chapter(s) and see if you like it. I'll be updating once a week. Preferably on Sunday's. It just depends on where you live. 


This is my first book so bare with me with any mistakes. I'm going to try and include as much of Minho's personality in this and I will try not to put the exact words said by the characters but mostly the scenes and what's going on. I'm trying to keep it interesting.

Published on August 29, 2015

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PaigeDayson PaigeDayson Dec 04, 2016
this is the best minho book I've read. and its 10 times better as I'm seeing the Scorch Trials as I read this!
jeffthewarbler jeffthewarbler Oct 02, 2015
I'd like to make myself believe that Minho's hair is coiffed. Yes, Minho is SO cool he had coiffed hair in the maze.
jeffthewarbler jeffthewarbler Oct 02, 2015
Tetanus. Tetanus is what would happen next if you cut your finger.