My Kalos Queen - An Amourshipping Fanfic (ON HOLD)

My Kalos Queen - An Amourshipping Fanfic (ON HOLD)

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Pika By _Pika_ Updated Dec 12, 2016

Ash Ketchum never thought he'd end up in a situation like this. Somehow, he had ended up living in an all girl's dormitory.

Living with five different girls, Ash was pretty much going through every guy's dream.

And he had to admit, they were all pretty cute. But there was one girl that was different. The famous Kalos Queen, Serena Yvonne.

Not only was he living with cute girls, but he also found himself slowly falling in love with one.

Disclaimer - I do not own Pokemon.

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                              ITS ONE OF MY AND OTHERS FAVOURITE POKEMON
                              WHERE IS IT!!!?????
krisi1009 krisi1009 Mar 29
was pikachu on ashes shoulders the whole time how did he dodge the broom or was pikachu absent in that scenen
wait...I know some Poketubers,...
                              Lol...My fav is Poksepticeye
I think Delia sent Ash off to the girl dormitory to get a girlfriend.
Have fun...huh??...*Dirty Mind kicking in*...Ohh...Ash will have some serious "FUN" now...Hahahha..
Serena! :O
                              Its the exact name of 1 of the author book
                              She is the main character