Teach Me A Lesson: A Markiplier X Reader

Teach Me A Lesson: A Markiplier X Reader

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⭐️ Casey ⭐️ By Derpiplier16 Completed

This story is inspired by:
Teasing Mr Fischbach
By: Cutiplier
She is a phenomenal writer and the story is amazing. Please go check her and her story out!

You are entering your Senior year of high school, and college is approaching. You are given an amazing opportunity to experience college life, but it costs half your summer. You have been encouraged to to sign up to a program that you were given a presentation about at school, but were taken away at how attractive the speaker was. You started to get the hots for stranger, but that didn't stop you from loving your crush.
Things happen, and your crush asks you to be his girlfriend out of the blue.
You are still falling for the teacher, aka Mr. Fischbach, which causes you to make a move. 
Your world changes, and now you have a problem on your hands.
You're spending the summer on the same campus with both.

And not only are you with your boyfriend, crush (who is also your teacher), and friends, but rivalry will approach and mistakes will be made.

How will you survive and who will you end up with?

Find out as you go along a short journey in Northern California University!

columtfdown columtfdown Jun 01
Looking over at an empty packet of strawberry fizzy wands 😩
girliplirt girliplirt Jul 23
Roses are red voilats are blue
                              I have a gun get in the van! 🔫
booklover6790 booklover6790 Aug 29, 2016
I'm liking this😊 I'd love it if u checked out my stories😊
TinySepticBoxSam TinySepticBoxSam Jul 20, 2016
My one year old nephews name is Cooper so this totally throws me off when I read it haha 😅😂😂😂
I_Am_Literal_Trash I_Am_Literal_Trash Mar 07, 2016
*grabs fridge, pantry, bf, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals* REAFY
FanGirlingWayTooHard FanGirlingWayTooHard Aug 01, 2016
It's funny cuz I looked at your profile thingy to see your other stories and I found out your name was Casey. THATS MY NAME!! With Fischbach at the end, I hit super confused😂 I though I was dreaming