Yuanfen // The Scorch Trials // Thomas

Yuanfen // The Scorch Trials // Thomas

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Claire Noelle By viragoferox Updated Jun 08, 2016

Yuanfen (缘分) : [Chinese] noun /yoo-en-feng/ the binding force that links two people together by fate and destiny

"You're alive."

// Sequel to Saudade //

| amazing cover by pelicularlyme |

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There's no Sassy Minho , no Newtie Patoote or Thomas (AHHHHHH) 
                              It's killing meeee!
I'm reading to many hp Fanficts 😂
                              I read:
                              Thalia Regulus.
                              Shuck help me.
                              Dylan isn't awesome...
                              He's too good for this world..
                              He's a god.
DylanBro DylanBro Jul 02
Trying to take this seriously without seeing Dylan yelling this in the gag reel.... nope can't do it😂
Ya know Jansen , I liked it before you where here.
                              So go eat bread.
That's its not the cliche fan fiction where the girl gets to stay with the boys and only Teresa goes with Group B